I never really liked it. I don’t particularly enjoy reading about writing on a writer’s personal blog, and I don’t know that others would enjoy reading my writing thoughts on my own personal blog.

But as a writer/author, should I not have a writer’s blog?

I have no idea, really. Does anyone read them? Who cares what a writer says about writing, really?

But the answer to that is a part-two question: Who cares what a writer says about writing on her/his personal blog? Personal blogs are, as I see it, expected to be personal. But a writer’s blog is specifically aimed at writing.

And so, this: What does one write about on one’s writer’s blog? Writer’s block (assuming there is such a thing)? Narrative and – better –  dialogue (my favorite thing ever to write)? Readings, book signings, appearances, and interviews (that would actually make sense…)?

Well, maybe yes. Or, just yes.

This blog, this “writer’s blog,” will be used for updates, all things writing, and other such writerly things.

(This comes at a time when I’ve just rid myself of a number of busy-work projects to allow myself more time to concentrate on book 2. I’m officially halfway through the first draft and intend to focus on it the way a person is supposed to focus on a book s/he’s writing, but after reading my agent’s blog about blogging, I thought I should blog about writing. If she thinks I’m moving too slowly, I think I’ll just link her to this entry. And then to her own entry. And then say, “It’s your fault.”)

Because this is now an official blog on writing, I suppose I’ll post the first announcement/update that has to do with books, writing, interviews, etc.

(What follows has been copied from my personal blog, so if you’ve seen it before, that’s why.)

WKMS program director Mark Welch will be interviewing me this week about Homefront.

The segment is scheduled to air Friday, June 5. (That date is tentative – will update with concrete date and time when I have it.)

The idea of an interview used to make me feel nauseous. I would get shaky, pace, and would have to find a place to hide so no one could hear me while I was answering questions over the phone. Once, when Ian and I lived in CT, I ran out of the apartment and downstairs to one of the many entrance doors (big building; used to be a factory) and stood outside on the stoop to talk.

Now I’m just excited. (At least, I think that’s all I am. He’s recording the interview before it airs, and it’s quite possible I’ll get nervous the morning of.)

Quick update on June happenings:

June 5 (tentative), Homefront interview on WKMS FM (93.1) with Mark Welch

June 8, Homefront interview on Army Wife Talk Radio 9:26-9:36pm est (that’s when the segment usually runs, I was told.)

June 13, Davis-Kidd Booksellers book signing (Nashville, 2pm)

Later in June: Destin, baby! Crab Shack, AJ’s, Angler’s, beach, tiki bars, scooters, and sun. (Four year anniversary already. Marital anniversary, anyway. Ian and I have a few different dates we remember, but I guess the day we had that very, very small ceremony on a deserted part of Destin beach was an okay enough day & is well worth celebrating.)


Join the conversation! 2 Comments

  1. Hey look! I’m the first commenter on the new blog! Yay, me!

    And I care what you have to say about writing. 🙂

  2. woohoo! A comment! Thanks, Ian. 🙂


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