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Update: if you missed the show/interview and would like to listen, you’ll find it at www.wkms.org.

*Disclaimer: The paragraph you’re about to read sounds like an advertisement, but I swear it isn’t!

The interview with WKMS‘s Mark Welch will air today at around noon central. This link will bring you to a live stream, Live365 Internet Radio Player. It’s amazing. I tried listening to the radio stream via WKMS’s links provided on the website, but the buffering just wasn’t happening. With Live 365, it’s seamless!

I mentioned in an earlier post that I’ve yet to listen to an interview I’ve done. I didn’t listen to the one with Faith Middleton, even – and she’s Faith Middleton! But I think I have to listen to this one. After remembering how I answered questions (sometimes long-windedly, sometimes in ways that seemed like my sentences were bumping into and tripping over one another), and that only about ten minutes of our nearly 20-minute phone call will air, I’m so curious to hear the edited version. (Well, curious and scared **itless, because I also read a paragraph-long excerpt from Homefront with very practiced inflection, and I don’t know that I’ll be able to listen to it without a pillow over my face.)

The very important subject of how-I’ll-sound aside, the interview raises some heavy issues, such as the emotional and psychological effects of waiting for someone to survive a war, the running-together of past wars with present wars, war’s nature of sticking mercilessly and endlessly with those who experience it intimately, and – finally – the recent surge of suicides at Fort Campbell, KY.

Hope you’ll be able to listen. If you can’t today, I was told the segment will air again on Sunday(June 7) around nine in the morning (or sometime in the 9am hour), CST.

Happy Friday, and have a good weekend! I know I will. Going to be doing some of this:



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  1. Have I mentioned recently that you’re a braver writer than I ever was?

  2. I don’t know if “brave” is the word…


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