June 10, 2009

Half a lifetime.


bday balloonMy 35th birthday is coming later this month. I don’t have any weird “thing” about age – I’m loving my thirties and refuse to get freaked out about getting “old” and having laugh lines (I like laugh lines), and I refuse to treat age as if it’s unnatural or horrible.

However – I do think age, memories, and the passing of time are interesting. I also like the idea of putting the “then” beside the “now.” So I thought, what if I find a journal (only, at the time it was called a “diary”) entry from when I was 17/18? Half a lifetime ago, and it’d be fun to share what the teen was thinking.

Only, I looked through the diary I have from that time and all I ever wrote about were guys. Seriously. It seemed like I was always in love with someone. I even wrote in one entry that my whole diary was “stupid” because it held no deep thoughts, no ideas, no dreams – just thoughts about and daydreams of and hopes for certain GUYS. (I guess now that I’ve put that out there, I could post the entry sometime before the 21st. Now that you’re prepared, I mean.)

In the meantime, however, I found this! I’ve been trying to get the Stars & Stripes to review Homefront for two reasons: 1) it’s an overseas paper distributed to military posts/bases. There’s no more appropriate paper for it (except for the Army Times), and 2) it’s one of those personal goals. I grew up reading the Stars & Stripes and can’t think of a better paper to be reviewed by.

stars and stripes June 12 1994

One of the  angles I offered, that I hoped would lend originality to the story, was that I was quoted in a Stars & Stripes issue in 1994 (June 12) when I still lived in, but after 13 years was about to leave, Germany. I was quoted as saying, basically, that I was excited to go somewhere as “foreign” to me as the US was at the time, but that I was worried about its crime rate.

Check out that perm! I was nine days shy of turning 20 when that issue came out.

And, just because, here’s a picture of the Marktplatz downtown Heidelberg. (It’s actually a digital picture taken of a picture-picture…that’s why it’s blurry.) I grew up in Neckarsteinach – a 15-minute train ride from Heidelberg – but school, downtown fun, and everything else happened in Heidelberg.

marktplatz hd


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