BackwordBHere’s what it’s for. (And I’m pulling bits and pieces from the Backword Books site because it’s already been written by Henry Baum, and if it ain’t broke…)

In short, we’re a unique collective  that has yet to be done on any large scale, using a medium that is losing stigma and gaining credibility. There has never been a time like this.  There’s a perfect storm brewing: publishers less willing to take chances and emerging media making it easier for writers to reach readers…

People read good books. The BACKWORD authors write good books. There are no longer any valid barriers that keep the two groups from finding each other.

Read more about Backword, find out who’s a member, and get something new to read here.


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  1. I can’t see the word “collective” without immediately thinking of Dennis the Constitutional Peasant and his Anarcho-Syndicalist Collective … but I’m sure this is different.

    I went and had a look — very cool to see the self-published organizing in this fashion!


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