[All right, my birthday is nearly upon me,  so I’ll be ending the self-indulgent posting of old diary entries after this. And I’m excited to announce I finally found something that had nothing to do with boys.]

IMG_1977March 27, 1992

I graduate in 10 weeks! I feel as though I just started high school, but in 46 school days I will be DONE. It’s definitely exciting.

People say that high school years are supposed to be the best years of your life, or at least the most fun. I don’t know about it being THAT for me, but they were educational. Not in a book-sense, but I learned a lot about myself.

One thing I won’t have memories of is going to parties with a lot of good friends, or just hanging out, even, with good friends. I guess it’s my destiny to be a loner!

I’m not sure if I really regret not having a lot of friends, because I am who I am and what I am because of the way my life worked out, and I like who I am. A lot of other people don’t, but that’s their opinion.

(Yeah! So there!)

For the record, I went to my share of arches parties ( parties held in the arches of the Heidelberg castle). (Original image, before I wrote on it, taken from here.)

castle with arches


With that, I’m off to celebrate turning 35 and feeling 19, and being married four years but feeling like it’s only been one.

Have a good weekend,



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