June 27, 2009

Vacation learnin’

The trip to Destin, Florida included the following observations:

1. Speedos are making a comeback. I saw two – which is two more than I saw last time I was in Destin.

2. The Kardashians are influencing at least three teenage girls to wear heavy makeup, big hair, and ridiculous sandals to the beach.

3. Shredded cheese in a bowl is a side dish.

4. Hemingway was – at least once – naked on his fishing boat. I know this because in a Pensacola restaurant called “Hemingway’s,” there is a picture of him standing naked on a fishing boat facing  way from the camera. I didn’t know I would ever see Ernest Hemingway’s bare butt.

5. According to an Alabama billboard, “Go to church OR THE DEVIL WILL GET YOU.”

(PS – please ignore the oddly large, green font. It seems to want to do that when I copy and paste.)


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  1. And if the devil doesn’t get you, then the Gobble-uns will.


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