On Monday, I’ll be visiting with a reporter and a photographer from WSMV-TV’s Better Nashville for an interview about Homefront.

I…uh…need a haircut.

And something to wear!

I would go shopping nowrightnow, but I want tacos and need to get the stuff to make tacos so I can come home and make–and then eat–tacos.

Dion'sLuckily, it’s only Wednesday. This means I have plenty o’ time to buy new clothes, and about two seconds after getting the email asking if I could be interviewed on Monday, I called Dion’s South, a hair salon in Franklin, TN. That’s right–salon. Not a hair-cuttery or a barber shop. (I chose them because not only is it a gorgeous, fancy schmancy place, but because they’re gorgeous and fancy schmancy and cuts are only $25 if they’re given by an interning stylist. The Man himself, Richard Dion, costs $70.) I first learned aboutbluegrass boys the place when Ian and I visited Franklin two weeks ago. There was an elegant price list, a handwritten sign, on the sidewalk out front. Imagine…a salon that looks like that, and a cut is only $25? And you know the interning stylist has to be pretty good. I said, “The next time I need a haircut, I’m coming here.” And whaddya know? I truly need one, now.

Incidentally, we’d meant, that day in Franklin, to take a walk around the quiet downtown, look at shops and things. You know…just get out of the house.

Instead, we  happened upon a full-on Bluegrass Competition. Musicians practiced at the edge of the square, food stands sold the best selling steak sandwiches I’ve sniffed since I lived in Germany, and local artisans sold their crafts under tarps.


Anyway. Back to writerly things…

I’m quite excited about this interview and will absolutely not watch it. I can’t listen to myself on the radio–there’s no way I’ll be able to watch myself on TV. Unless I’ve already had half a bottle of wine. Even then, it’s only a “maybe.” (And one o’clock is a little early to have had half a bottle of wine. However, I do have DVR…)

Happily, the interview, which will only be about a 3-minute segment when it airs, will be recorded and edited. “It’s not live,” Producer Kacy said. (Whew!)

Air date: Aug. 13. The show runs from 1pm – 2pm (CST).

Wish me luck! Oh boy, a TV interview. How fun is this?

[Note: I’m not disregarding the reason behind the interview. Tennessee has an enormous military population–whether that means soldier, friend, lover, spouse, or family–and the reason for the interview is because Homefront has been called one of the only works to offer intimate and raw insight into the experience of waiting for a love to make it through a war. People lose the ones they love every day in Iraq and Afghanistan, in one  way or another. And every other day, someone is worried they’ll be the one to lose someone they love in Iraq or Afghanistan. I’m excited the book is gaining attention. It’s an important story, and more people reading it means more people immersing themselves into the experience, living it through Homefront‘s main character and the unusual people who surround her.]


Join the conversation! 2 Comments

  1. Whoo hoo! This is so exciting!
    I hope there’ll be an online streaming thingy we who don’t live in or near Nashville can watch.

  2. Hope the interview goes great — keep it up!


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