I’m excited to share this video with you of an interview Aug. 13 on WSMV-TV’s “Better Nashville” about Homefront. The show’s producer thought the story of those waiting for service members to return from war was an important one, as I do.

I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you’ll help spread it around. We often see people on TV talking about how difficult it is to have a loved one at war, but the experience is far more complex and surreal than is suggested by the word “difficult.” And it’s not an experience that is easy to explain, or for others to fully grasp. The war may be old news to much of the media (coverage is often limited to the more extreme stories, or to sound bytes announcing yet more deaths), but hundreds of thousands of people in this country – and other countries – continue to go through the surreal and tumultuous hell of hoping they’ll see the face of the one they love again. Someday.

Howard C. Romans III, an Afghanistan veteran, had this to say: “As a soldier and Army Veteran who served in Afghanistan shortly after 9/11, it’s easy to see the complete relevance this book has in accurately depicting the many emotions those on the “Homefront” experience day-in and day-out. To say that it is only limited to military and military supporters back home would be quite unfair. Its story, and message, is one that a great percentage of the American Population (at the very least), SHOULD read and try their hardest to understand.”

Click the image to link to the video. Many thanks to WSMV-TV for the interview!

And thank you for watching. 🙂 (When Ian watched it, he wasn’t expecting to see himself on our TV. Oops. And the last line of the interview – re: “cats” – made him hide his face and say, “Oh, noooo!!!” For the record, I made no mention to anyone of cats. Somebody googled!)



Join the conversation! 3 Comments

  1. Great interview, Kristen — you’re very articulate and personable. But what’s wrong with cats? I used to include something about our cats in my official bio. Hmm, maybe THAT was my mistake …

  2. It’s an impressive segment. Nice work!

  3. Thanks Dennis and Robin!

    Dennis – nothing’s wrong with cats. I love cats! However, saying we “share time with our cats” is just a little too cuddly, no?


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