A little while ago, I wrote that Beth Wilson’s “Homefront in Focus” fans (listeners of “Navy Homefront Talk” and readers of her columns and followers of her twitter tweets) made Homefront their very first book club selection. I was, and remain, incredibly honored.  I imagine it’s a lot like being the first Oprah’s Book Club selection! Sort of. This is a little better, because on Wednesday (noon CST), Beth is doing a show at “Navy Homefront Talk” for the book club and is having me on as a guest to discuss Homefront with them. I’m pretty sure that when Jacquelyn Mitchard’s book was chosen for Oprah’s Book Club, there wasn’t a call-in show readers could use to connect with her and ask questions about her book. (Maybe there was. I don’t know. I’m just guessing.)

I don’t know what this will be like, but I can’t wait to find out. Will they tell me they hate Denise? Will they (like a reporter I spoke with last week) wonder  why Mia would be friends with Donny? Will I be tricked into telling them which scene in the book is (mostly) true? I’d kept it a secret until recently, when I gave it away to a Stars & Stripes reporter.  I don’t know why I told him about that scene. It was something I’d meant to keep to myself, because it wasn’t one of my prouder moments. And also because it’s fun to say “One scene in the book was pulled directly from my experience when Ian was gone” and then wonder which one readers will think it is.

[Note: that only one scene actually happened to me during my own deployment experience should not in any way detract from the overall truth of the story. That the characters and their behavior are fictional is irrelevant to the heart of the story, the feeling readers come away with after experiencing a deployment through the eyes of the protagonist, which could not be more real, more true. ]

Maybe that scene won’t come up. One never knows, which is why I’m so excited about Wednesday.

One of the (many) cool things about Beth’s show is that if you’re listening live, you can also participate in a chat discussion. Beth magically manages to keep track of chat, respond to it by type-chatting herself, and talk all at the same time.

Listen in and visit the chat page and you’ll see for yourself. It’s crazy to watch.

If you’ve read or are reading Homefront, I hope you’ll listen in, and even call or chat.

If you haven’t read it but want to, you can get it almost anywhere online in print, and it’s also a free download and PDF at Scribd.com (see my sidebar for the widget–thanks to WordPress, I now know what a widget is).

To follow Beth Wilson’s show, check out a calendar of her upcoming shows or her “Navy Homefront Talk” archived podcasts.


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  1. It doesn’t detract from the truth of the story at all. The emotions and behaviors all seemed very honest to me and I never found myself wondering how much of it “really happened” — I knew that your own experiences informed the book and could tell that you knew whereof you wrote, but I accepted it as fiction. Did people ask Janet Fitch if her mother really poisoned someone with oleander? I think not!


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