September 13, 2009

Operation eBook Drop

Author Edward Patterson, whose books are available on Kindle, had the fantastic idea to provide free ebooks to deployed service members.

So far, this many authors have signed up and are donating their books:

Maria E Schneider
Kristen Tsetsi
L.K. Campbell
Elmore Haimes
E.J. Ruek
Leslie Nicholl
Jim Chambers
Kelly Abbell
Chuck Austen (Illustrator)
Willam Woodell (Bluearkasascowboy)
Lloyd Lofthouse
L C. Evans
R. J. Keller
Laura Eno
Moriah Jovan
Andrew Kent
Marva Dasef
Al Past
E. Patrick Dorris
Trish Lamoree
Stanley Morriss
K. Raven Rozier
Sharon Cathcart
Alan Baxter
Susan Helene Gottfried
Brandan Carroll
Lisa Pietsch
Joshua T. Calkins-Treworgy
Eugene Docema
S.A. Rule
Edward C. Patterson

ADDITIONALLY: Smashwords has joined in! Read their blog about it here. Clicking the link will provide instructions for publishers, authors, and deployed service members who would like to be involved.

Authors with ebooks, or authors who can make their books available that way, this is an incredible and easy way to offer some troop support. I know my husband would have loved having such endless, and free, reading material during his down time in Iraq and Afghanistan.


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  1. It would be interesting to survey service members about the kinds of books they want. Do they seek out strictly diversionary genre fare? Or inspirational volumes? Origami craft how-tos?


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