September 21, 2009

Win 7 signed paperbacks!

Backword B fancy blueWelcome to the Backword Books contest REVISED EDITION.

Grand Prize: The same. A package of seven books by Backword authors: Homefront by Kristen Tsetsi, Spam & Eggs by Andrew Kent, The Brightest Moon of the Century by Christopher Meeks, Threshold by Bonnie Kozek, Broken Bulbs by Eddie Wright, Waiting for Spring by RJ Keller, and North of Sunset by Henry Baum.

Second Prize: 7 different entrants each get one of the books.

The rules: We want to hear your thoughts about self-publishing in a blog post. What is your general opinion of it? How likely are you to do it?  Do you think it will change the face of publishing in the future? That sort of thing.  The drawbacks of self-publishing are welcome as well – if you don’t like it, you don’t like it. But include your reasoning, while keeping in mind that a scathing attack on self-publishing probably isn’t going to do it for us.  You know…just keep it polite.

The main requirements for the contest are:

1. The post links back to, as well as the URL for this contest. If you don’t have a blog, you can post it as a note on your facebook page. Or MySpace, if you’re on MySpace.

2.  We’d also like to hear which book you’d most like to receive from our list – perhaps where you heard about the book first and why it interests you. This will help us choose where to send books for second prize winners.

Please let us know of your entry because we want to compile them all in one place.  We’ll judge entries based on…well, purely subjectively: what we think is a good, well-reasoned post.  We hope it’s a good way to get a discussion about self-publishing spreading throughout the blogosphere.

For further instructions and to enter, go here.

Good luck!

backword books in greece two


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