September 25, 2009

Books for Bumpus

This is a two-part good-deed-doer. How can you say no?

Buy Homefront (by clicking on the link below) and proceeds will help Harley-Davidson send care packages to deployed troops.

(Wha…? Motorcycles and troops?)

Why, yes!

(How’s it a good-deed thing?)

1. The more people who read Homefront, the more who’ll come away with a true understanding of what those left waiting through a deployment experience. I mean really experience, not what-you-see-on-TV experience. When it comes to war, you can never have too much understanding or empathy.

2. The more people who download it at, the more money I’ll be able to donate to Bumpus Harley-Davidson in Murfreesboro, TN.

The people at Bumpus have been sending care packages to troops for four years, but they’re falling short on donations right now. Each package costs $11.95 to ship. If you’d like to send them money directly, by all means! Send it to

Kathy Potter, Bumpus Harley-Davidson

2250 NW Broad St
Murfreesboro, TN 37129-2908

But if you’d like to not only donate cash but, at the same time, read some literature that will broaden your perspective of war, visit this page to download a copy of Homefront for $6.50. You can read it free elsewhere, but downloading it from Lulu will result in a profit I can then donate to Bumpus. ALL proceeds will go to Bumpus.

They have the care packages ready to go at the store – they just need to be mailed.

If you download a copy of Homefront to help out Bumpus, please leave a note below so I can keep track of the numbers.

Thank you!


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