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Birdbath Ashley

I’ve had this cat, and her brother, since I was 19 – and I’m now 35. Ashley was a licking fool and truly had the quickest paws in all the land. A sweet cat, but she’d kick your ass, too. 🙂

On one hand, it feels silly to make a post about this. Who cares about someone else’s dead cat, after all? But, because this is my blog and I do what I want, I do this. I don’t pretend cats are child-substitutes (animals and children, as we all know, are completely different creatures…for one, cats stay little and never learn to talk), but they are living creatures with their own personalities and their own individual value. I didn’t expect to have to put her to sleep today – it was a sudden thing. Before bringing her in, I’d thought she was relatively healthy. So, forgive an extreme animal lover’s single post about her recently (within the last hour, actually) departed cat. (I’m not gonna lie – any time one of my animals dies, I’ll probably post a little picture gallery. They’re worth it – they’re all so sweet!)

Afterward, I bought a bottle of wine and came home and poured a glass, and I’m sitting in the chair where, every day for the last several months, she would be sitting behind me. Between my butt and the back of the chair. Not always comfortable, but she insisted on being there, so whaddya gonna do? Anyway – cheers to Ashley. A smart, affectionate cat who knew which chair not to sit on, whose vocal cords proved quite healthy and powerful and, on more than one occasion, startled people in an otherwise quiet room, and whose affectionate licking wet many an earlobe.

P.S. She may also have been a closet alcoholic. In the glass she’s drinking from are the watery remains of a Jim Beam & Coke Ian poured after work. We never confronted her about it…we just let her have those few sips.  If she sneaked a drink when we weren’t home, we had no idea and take no responsibility.

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  1. Sympathies.

    There’s nothing at all strange about such a post. It makes me think of the cats and dogs we had and loved – all long gone but never forgotten.

  2. I approve of posts like this. Cats (and dogs) may not be our children, but they are part of our family, and we mourn when they die and remember them fondly. I’m sorry your dear friend died, and I’m glad you have so many memories to cherish.

  3. Thanks, you two. Truly.

  4. Sorry about your kitty, Kristen. Our Pooh Bear died only about a month after we got Dennis and we still miss her.

  5. Yes, I understand. I wailed so loudly as I was burying one of mine, Tazzie, that it stunned my wife. Most of our cats have had several names, and Tazzie’s nickname was Flopsy. She was a rare cat who upon seeing friend or family, flopped down and rolled onto her back for a good tummy scratch. She rests in the flower garden and I still keep her spot cleared.
    Hope all else is well up your way,

  6. Nice post, Kristen. Made me think of Midgit, and Casey, and Sascha, and Flash . . .

  7. Please accept my condolences, Kristen. After a lifetime of pets, I now have just Gus, the 1200-lb horse. It hurts to have a pet put down, but you’re to be commended for doing the right thing for Ashley.

    Take care.

  8. Aww.. kitty. 😦

  9. Thank you all for your thoughtful comments.


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