During this almost-abstention from the internet during a writing/revising period, it only makes sense to post a heartfelt thank you to those who have bought (or found) and read Homefront, Carol’s Aquarium, or anything else I’ve ever written. I’m not one of those writers who would be content to put in the work just to stick the pages in a drawer – I crave, love, and value readers. Dare I say I need them? Yes. Yes! I dare.

So, to you readers, thank you, thank you. I see the Amazon.com rankings for Homefront holding steady, and Carol’s Aquarium seems to have a few readers, too. And while Amazon rankings mean little in the grand scheme of things (numbers change drastically based on sales or clicks or…I don’t even know), where they do mean a lot is in the motivation they offer to someone in the middle of editing many many pages. Rankings may be an elusive thing to figure out in terms of sales, but there’s no question they indicate a readership.

And it’s impossible to not be energized when there’s evidence of reader support given, sometimes inadvertently, through the simple purchase of a book.  So, thank you, thank you.

And keep reading. So many good books out there. So many! I’m very much looking forward to my own two-week reading binge after this editing/revising period. I have a HUGE stack of books waiting.


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  1. I hope the editing/revising is going well for you!

  2. I’m glad it’s an “almost” abstention, otherwise we would miss you! 🙂

  3. Ian: the editing is bloody.

    D the V: Aww, shucks!


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Kristen J. Tsetsi is the author of the novels "Pretty Much True..." and "The Year of Dan Palace" and the short fiction collection "20 Short Stories," all published under the name Chris Jane. Website: http://kristenjtsetsi.com




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