I had a days-long scary-weird feeling before leaving on Monday for a road trip that something bad was going to happen to me. I’m not sure if I felt that as a result of having chosen sentimental and/or lasting (rather than stuff-under-the-couch) gifts for people for Christmas this year (“They’ll always remember me, now!”), or if I bought those gifts because I had that weird feeling. Whatever the case, I’m still alive, so with luck it was just one of those heebie-jeebie moments.

(After seeing two dogs playing in the median on Interstate 71 – one of them possibly getting hit, but I like to think it just started to jump into the street and then jumped back – I determined the bad feeling may have been related to that.  In fact, when I got in my car at the beginning of the trip, I very consciously thought, “I hope I don’t see any dogs in the median.” Knowing people could abandon their animals on the interstate, and then actually seeing evidence of it, really puts a damper on the Christmas joy, you know what I’m sayin’?)

I’ve been giving my books away to deployed troops since the beginning of Operation eBook Drop, and–

–well, actually, I’ve only been giving away free e-copies of Carol’s Aquarium, because the subject matter in Homefront is a little touchy for the deployed… I’ll give it away for free if I’m asked for it, though.–

So, I’ve been giving my books away to deployed troops since the beginning of Operation eBook Drop, and they’re certainly earning all of the free reading material they’re getting from the many participating writers. But, I think there’s something Christmas-y about giving away free copies to random people as Christmas gifts, as well. This is, I think, all part of this year’s desire to give gifts that mean something, and there’s nothing more meaningful I can give than something I spent as much time and love on as I did Homefront. Sadly, I can’t hand out free paperbacks, but I will supply a 100% off Smashwords coupon code for, or email a free PDF of, Homefront to anyone who requests one between now and New Year’s day. (I would offer Carol’s Aquarium, but it’s already available for free on Scribd.)

To receive your free copy: simply send an email requesting it to kjt AT kristentsetsi DOT com and I’ll get it to you posthaste.

Merry Christmas (or your holiday of preference) and happy New Year to you,


P.S. The road trip was to OH to visit my best friend, whose husband will arrive home from Afghanistan on Christmas day. (He’s in the U.S. tonight, but won’t be in his state until tomorrow.) Woohoo!!! After having suffered a life threatening IED attack while away, that he’s coming home – on Christmas, no less – is extraordinary and beautiful. What could have happened didn’t. Good stuff. Welcome home, friend’s husband.


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  1. Glad your friend’s husband is coming home. Merry Christmas!


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