Since offering a free coupon code for Homefront (featured, at left, in the December issue of Military Spouse Magazine, but by no means  meant only for the military spouse), I’ve received a number of emails of request from people who have been given Kindles for Christmas (what a great gift!). Thank you, sincerely, for your interest.  With days still left in this free-book offering, I look forward to hearing from more of you. What’s to lose? At the most, you end up with something you may enjoy reading and a glimpse into a different kind of life, and at the least, you have an extra file on your reader or computer. (For a 100%-off coupon code to download Homefront from Smashwords, email me at kjt AT kristentsetsi DOT com.)

Speaking of book files…the ease of  e-reading is almost  convincing me to save up for a Kindle. Almost. After unwrapping a big, fat book with paper pages for Christmas, I don’t know that I’m quite there, yet. Maybe if I had a job that involved a lot of travel. Maybe then. (But a book develops such beautiful wrinkles and creases in travel…)


In other news, Backword Books has released on Smashwords a collection of author-on-author interviews that attempt to approach their books (and the writing of them) from a perspective that will interest potential readers, rather than from this more common perspective: “The only person who could possibly be interested in this is the writer of the book or some other writer who cares about writerly things.” Some interesting discussions, and you set the price. Here’s the cover:

And here’s the link.

So. Christmas is over, and we have four days left until New Year’s eve. Ian and I haven’t made any plans, yet, and may or may not end up downtown Nashville. What are your plans?


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  1. I love my Kindle! I’m still working through a stack of paper books I piled up before I got it, but I’ve been reading the Kindle in the evenings. I thought I might miss the physical book but, it turns out, not so much. (I will, however, say that being able to wirelessly purchase a book with a few clicks is very, very dangerous.)


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