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The following images have been circulating in a popular email forward for about a year. Apparently, they were taken in someone’s back yard in Alberta, Canada. No one is given attribution in the email forward, so I can’t give it here, either.

Prepare yourselves: they’re cute enough, and filled with enough innocent animal love, to kill a person.

Ian: Man, that’d be some good eatin’ if you were huntin’ and came across them both.

Me (imagining one of them losing the other):  Oh, no!  I’d hate it if one died and left the other one alone.

Him: That’s why you have to kill both of them.


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  1. Well… it’s true!

  2. Always stirring the pot, Kris. 😛

    Alex would agree about the hunting. I’d agree with you.

  3. Hunters are not only barbaric & cruel to animals but also ignorant & insensitive to humans. Anyone who intentionally causes such suffering to animals is a disgusting waste of life.

  4. Is it wrong that I laughed so hard at this that my coffee came out my nose?

  5. @ Elsa – Please tell me you’re a Vegan, then.


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