…can be tricky to find out about because, well, they’re not getting that coverage.

But there’s a blog site I discovered yesterday that can make finding something to read much, much easier. A number of books you may be interested in, and that are being favorably reviewed, appear in  The New Book Review, blogged by award-winning author Carol Howard-Johnson and named to Online Universities’ 101 Book Blogs You Need to Read.

This review spot is NEW because it embodies the new idea that a book should not be judged by its cover or its press. If a reviewer thinks a book is great, The New Book Review lets readers know about it. – Carolyn Howard-Johnson, author of  the multi award-winning HowToDoItFrugally series of books for writers.

I’ll be interviewing Carolyn for the Self-Publishing Review in the next day or two about her blog and her books, and I’ll post a link when it’s live. What I’m most curious about is what prompted her to start the blog, and whether there are books she discovered and came to love as a result of starting the blog.

Speaking of the Self-Publishing Review (SPR), the website has been revamped and looks outstanding. Check it out. What used to be an online publication is now a combination online publication and community for readers and writers. Like the oringal SPR, the site can still be  accessed by people who simply wish to read the articles and opinion pieces, but those who want to be part of the reader/writer community may also create a membership and participate in the new chat forums.

And in more updated website news, Waiting for Spring author RJ Keller has a beautiful new site just waiting for a domain transfer. Here’s  her blog. I’m sure she’ll post an update when the site is ready for bookmarking. She sent me a link to the site in progress, and I couldn’t help it; I was so impressed by it that I used the same web design creation site (wix.com) to create a new homepage, myself. ‘Tis the season!


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  1. The new home page looks pretty slick — nice work! I’ll keep an eye out for the interview. (Or more accurately, my RSS reader will keep an eye out for me.)

  2. Thanks, doggie Dennis! Interview coming soon. Not surprisingly, Ms. Howard-Johnson is pretty busy, but she’s working on the answers.


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