MRS. LIEUTENANT: My 40-Year-Old Book Tale

Imagine a time traveler popping in to visiting me as a new Mrs. Lieutenant stuck in Muldraugh, Kentucky, north of Ft. Knox, in the spring of 1970.

The time traveler says:

“Forty years from now there will be a way to communicate all over the world in the blink of a second.  And your novel about this time spent at Ft. Knox, having been self-published a year and a half before, will lead to all sorts of military-related activities, including the website”

Besides asking “What’s a website?” I don’t know if I had enough imagination at the age of 22 to envision such a scenario.  (I was NOT a sci fi reader.)

Now fastforward to 2008, when my novel MRS. LIEUTENANT was an Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award semifinalist (before the book was self-published in April of that year).  I hadn’t a clue about the Internet except for using email and doing an occasional search.

Amazon gave each of us semifinalists a page on Amazon, and one writer had something I didn’t have!  It turned out to be a blog – and that is when I took off and never looked back.  From that moment on I have been on a quest to learn as much about Internet marketing as possible, including starting the blog

Of course I knew enough to have a website made for my book (  Yet even with content management on the site I was frustrated at the inability to make many changes myself.

To make a long story short (as the saying goes), I formed with my younger daughter, Yael K. Miller, and we learned how to make WordPress websites first for ourselves and then for clients.  Such power in our own hands!

And along the way, whenever I had a new project, I would ask Yael to build another website.  Thus in January 2009 we launched and recently we launched, for which I’m currently looking for a corporate sponsor in order to expand the distribution of these compelling documentaries and feature films.

Of course I fell in love with online social media – truly an amazing concept to me even now.  And it is thanks to social media that I have connected with such marvelous people as Kristen Tsetsi.  I immediately invited her to write a guest post for my Mrs. Lieutenant blog about her novel HOMEFRONT, and you can read her post at .   Now I’m honored she asked me to write a guest post for her blog.

FYI – If you’re also a fiction writer, check out the free report for fiction writers about blogging that author Carolyn Howard-Johnson and I wrote at

And I do hope you’ll stop by the new site to see the video I did on why book clubs should discuss my book now in 2010.  (Hint: Lots of similarities between then and now.)

P.S.  I’m @ZimblerMiller on Twitter and I started the list


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