May 27, 2010

Kristen J. Tsetsi


PRETTY MUCH TRUE…: Novel (Sept. 4, 2012)

Advance praise

“Americans are getting a finer sense of who we are at an important time in our history because of the quality of literature from female writers with voices beautifully calibrated to sing out our zeitgeist. And this debut novel by the grandly talented Kristen Tsetsi delivers the best kind of fiction—a story suffused with a brightness that shines truer than the truth.”—James C. Moore, co-author of Adios, MoFo and NYT bestseller Bush’s Brain

~ ~ ~

“Tsetsi reveals herself to be the rare sort of writer who can satisfy both emotionally and intellectually. Pretty Much True… is reminiscent of many works by Don DeLillo—most notably Players, Running Dog, and, for its emotional density, The Body Artist. All told, Pretty Much True… is a moving novel whose emotional and intellectual complexity demands much of the reader but offers much more in return.”—Small Press Reviews

~ ~ ~

“A powerful novel with wonderful echoes of Viet Nam and our country’s tortured response to that war.”—Paul Griner, author of The German Woman

~ ~ ~

“One of the most powerful and brilliant books I have read in a long time. Make this the next book you read.”—Pop Culture Zoo

~ ~ ~

Kristen J. Tsetsi tells a war story unlike anything readers have experienced.” – Molly Callahan, Journal Inquirer

~ ~ ~

“There are many novels about war, most from the battlefield where there’s page-turning tension and drama. But there are few stories written from the point of view of a loved one back home waiting, and waiting some more, not knowing if or how the soldier will return home. Perhaps that’s because so few have found an interesting way to write such a story, but that has changed, thanks to Kristen Tsetsi.” – Carol Hoenig, the Huffington Post


CAROL’S AQUARIUM: Short fiction


“Tsetsi is very observant with her writing, and these little touches go a long way into creating the scenarios.” – Dan Wickett, Emerging Writers Network

~ ~ ~

“I have no doubt that each of the stories in Carol’s Aquarium is drawn from a moment in time from the life of Kristen Tsetsi, whether they are shockingly true or re-purposed for a fictional event. But what sets Tsetsi apart from most writers is her ability to present such raw, emotional moments in a way that allows you to frame it and personalize it in regards to your own life and experiences.” – Pop Culture Zoo

~ ~ ~

“This is the sort of narrative voice I like in short fiction. The themes are very pointed, and the writing is confident enough to deliver the emotional payload like a blow to the chest with a knife-blade. I encourage everyone who enjoys the art of short fiction and Gothic themes to download and read this book. There is true talent here, talent fully fleshed out in these haunting vignettes. These are real people in real pain, self-inflicted or otherwise, and they hit the page with a subtle vengeance. ” – Cheryl Anne Gardner, POD People


AMERICAN FICTION: Literary journal

“The one anthology that deliberately and exclusively sets out to find the best unpublished stories by ’emerging’ writers.”—Tobias Wolff, previous judge

“Truly, a breath of fresh air for us all, writers and readers alike.”—Raymond Carver, previous judge

Volume 12 (Fall 2012 – click cover to pre-order)

JUDGE: Josip Novakovich

Josip Novakovich moved from Croatia to the U.S. at the age of twenty. He has published a novel, April Fool’s Day, which has since been published in ten languages, three story collections (Infidelities: Stories of War and Lust, Yolk, and Salvation and Other Disasters), and three collections of narrative essays. His work was anthologized in Best American Poetry, the Pushcart Prize collection, and O. Henry Prize Stories. Novakovich earned the Whiting Writer’s Award, a Guggenheim fellowship, two National Endowment for the Arts fellowships, the Ingram Merrill Award, and an American Book Award, and he has been a writing fellow of the New York Public Library. He teaches creative writing at Concordia University in Montreal.

EDITORS: Kristen Tsetsi, Bruce Pratt, Bayard Godsave

“Particularly fine scene-making, evocative American cultural and cinematic talent in fiction. . . . More than a third of the stories are written by immigrants or children of recent immigrants, which reflects what America is—not only itself, but also the world with its currents and peregrinations.”—Josip Novakovich



Volume 11 (Available now – click cover to purchase from Amazon)

American Fiction: Volume 11

JUDGE: Clint McCown

EDITORS: Kristen J. Tsetsi, Bayard Godsave, Bruce Pratt

“No matter which story you turn to, it is guaranteed to provoke strong emotions within. Currently in it’s 11th edition, these stories are proof that there is no shortage of talented American writers. – From an Reader Review

~ ~ ~

“On the whole, American Fiction succeeds in capturing the grieving and healing processes and the varying degrees in which they take place. It brings its readers through some of the darkest places and guides them to a greater understanding. Its greatest achievement can be summed up by a quote from “My Yard;” “Acceptance of life’s end does not mean your heart will not be broken in two when you fade” (120). Above all, American Fiction depicts the solemn acceptance of fate and duty with the heart-wrenching reality that things will never be the same. – From a Goodreads Reader Review


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