The worst two things that can happen to a writer are losing the hands and losing the mind.

Just a little over two years ago, on 6.7.08, a man who wasn’t watching the signals breezed through a red light and slammed into Murray Dunlap’s blue Volkswagen Jetta. After a three-month coma, Murray woke up to a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) and amnesia.

The accident cost him not only much of his memory (which he’s slowly regaining with the help of good friends and a loving family, he says), but also his wife, his dogs, and his job.

We can choose to look at Murray as the poor writer who suffered a traumatic brain injury. We can choose to look at him as someone who lost the kind of life it could kill a person to lose. Or we can choose to look at him as a writer who went through some shit and now has another story to tell.

I recently had the pleasure of getting to know, and interviewing, Murray Dunlap. For the full interview published at Night Train, click here.


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  1. You dont have to go that far to understand why this ad is not appropriate. Its well known that sexualised ads of air hostesses tend to increase sexual harrasments from passengers. See f.e. Arlie Hochschildt, The managed heart.

  2. [The above comment was accidentally posted to the wrong blog entry: was supposed to go here: ]

  3. OK, to get back to the interview, and off of racy aviation stuff, thanks Kris! this interview has been wonderful to help explain to people what in the world happened to me… thanks!


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