November 7, 2010

These are the people.

You often hear from people who write that writing is an isolated (isolating, even) experience, and this is probably true. But the writing is the only part that is. The rest, the part that involves getting people to read whatever it is you wrote, is a group effort. These are the people involved:

The first readers – friends, family, fellow writers – who offer feedback and constructive criticism.

The people who offer encouragement when you’re not sure whether you’re any good.

The people who tell you, on the days you’re sure you’re not any good at all, to keep doing it, anyway.

The people who, in your quest to market yourself, help you by offering interview space on their blogs, by telling others about your work, by forwarding your links or news in whatever way is most feasible, and by doing what they can (within reason) to help you succeed.

The people who take the time to read your work and provide endorsements or blurbs, if requested.

The people who take the time to read your work and review it, whether on their blogs, on, in print publications – anywhere.

The people who offer their expertise when needed, whether it’s for press release writing, design help, query letter writing, synopsis writing, or anything else someone does better than you do it.

The people who connect you to other people who can help you.

There’s a lot of help needed to succeed at almost anything. This is a thank you to the helpers.


Join the conversation! 2 Comments

  1. Kris, thanks for always being the person that says “keep doing it.”

  2. You know, you’re pretty awesome in many ways, most especially as a writer and a fellow human being. Anyone can arrange words in a pleasing fashion, but you tend to make them dance and flow on the page/screen in a way that always surprises and illuminates.

    Thank you.


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