Oh, my, word. Keller, look at that book.
It is so old. *swoon* It looks like
One of those marked-in prof-books.
And, you know, only they know why they underline. *swoon*
They do it with permanent pens, you know.
It doesn’t erase. We’re always told “Don’t write in books!”
But they do it. It’s because they love them.
The pages, the paper, the softness, it’s like,
Tissue, I mean—the best. Look!
It’s just so … worn!

[The Rest]
I like used books and I cannot lie
You e-book readers can’t deny
When a book comes in with the corners folded back
And the text a faded black
You’re in love, wanna read all that stuff
Even if the words are really tough
Chosen from the dictionary
All the syllables make me wary
(Oh Kindle, I wanna quick highlight
Can this word be right?
My Kindle friends tried to warn me
But the steamy scenes make me so horny
Not fold down the page?)
I got a new “Itty-Bitty” book light
“Well, use it. Use it,
Cause you got it from Uncle Whozit.”
It’s in my top drawer
To hell with the screen glow
It’s gray, fake
Makin’ all of my fingertips bake
I’m tired of magazines
Sayin’ e-books are the thing
Take the average bookworm and ask her that
They need a front and back
So, readers! (Yeah!) Readers! (Yeah!)
Does your used book have the spine? (Hell yeah!)
Get up and bend it! (Bend it!) Crease it! (Crease it!)
Crease that wrinkled spine!
Baby got books!

Join the conversation! 5 Comments

  1. That. Was. Awesome. I think I love you.

  2. Thank you. 🙂 We’re (RJ Keller and I) working on making it the next Inside the Writers’ Studio video.

  3. HA! All the syllables make me wary. You crack me up.


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