I watch you every morning. You have, over the last several years, become my routine. It’s safe to say I love you.

It’s because I love you that I’m so disappointed when I see things like this, which you posted today on Facebook:

The last time I visited, there were almost 500 comments, most of them blasting the woman. Not for potentially causing danger to her child’s health by having her in or near a tanning booth, but for looking the way she does.

Which you must have known would happen when you shared a picture of her 1. tan face, 2. younger self in a bikini.

The reason I love you is that, in the mornings, I look for the absence of snark, the absence of any screamy voices, the absence of nastiness…everything that’s become so pervasive in our reality TV, political whine-fest, my-internet-mask-makes-me-invincible-so-I’m-going-to-be-unabashedly-mean climate.

But posting pictures like this, which invites people to deliver their worst, likens you to one of the other stations I avoid at all costs when I want to remember there is good and peace in the world.

I beg of you – don’t do this. Don’t sink to that level. At least, not anymore.



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About Kris Tsetsi

Kristen J. Tsetsi is the author of the novels "Pretty Much True..." and "The Year of Dan Palace" and the short fiction collection "20 Short Stories," all published under the name Chris Jane. Website: http://kristenjtsetsi.com




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