Today, somebody posted this comment on our superfun video, “$#!+,” Writers Say (the Inside the Writers’ Studio contribution to the “Sh*t [people of somesuch group] Say” meme):

“i would enjoy your videos more if the fat girl would loose weight. i cant stand to look at her.”

The comment is no longer there. It’s been deleted. Not because anyone was afraid of having it there, but because we don’t believe in allowing our fun, light-hearted, creative space about writing to become a platform for insipid mean people. (Especially not for those lazy and rude enough to leave such an unimaginative, careless [lower case “i”s and missing apostrophes, and such], and offensively misspelled note on a YouTube page dedicated to, and created by, writers.)

I have long wondered what it is that drives people to take the time out of their day to log in and type – on a website, article, blog post, or anywhere else – a comment that serves absolutely no purpose other than to say to all who read it, “I am a true asshole.”

Dear person who left the nasty comment on our upbeat and positive writer-video YouTube page –

If you want to send a message that you think is important enough to share, please be less cowardly and use your real name, try to give it some thought, first, and for God’s sake, learn to spell.

(Please also consider turning toward something more productive and positive. Being hateful is really no way to spend a life. You only get one – try to do something better with it.)


Join the conversation! 2 Comments

  1. It always surprises me (although I should know better) how many people go around in the Internet (or the world) and only see the negative, are rude and offensive. Great post, great blog!

  2. Very beautiful … Thank you for this wonderful effort


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