It was that or a flower.

It was that or a flower.

I’d like to remove from this discussion what occurred in Sandy Hook, because school attacks don’t only happen in countries where people legally have guns (see: the many attacks on school children in China over the last two years with blades: knife, axe, cleaver).

As a recent legal gun owner who agrees with those who’d like to see stricter gun laws, where I keep getting hung up, personally, is on the “But how?” details.

Here are some options. If you have your own ideas, please leave them in the comments. If real change is going to happen, there should be a realistic plan to put forward.

[Regardless of answer selected above, see “confiscation procedure” poll below.]


If you chose “other,” please share your idea in the comments.

If you chose “only police and military,” how should we remove the weapons from citizens who have purchased them legally?

(And, not a poll question, what argument would you make to hunters? Please share in comments.)

If you chose “police, military, and hunting license holders,” what would prevent those who aren’t hunters, but who desire a gun (even if it’s a rifle), from getting a hunting license?

If you chose “private citizens okay, but no conceal/carry on person,” what should the fine be for those who do carry?

If you chose “private citizens okay, but only after thorough background check and psych evaluation,” how should this process work?

If you chose “private citizens pay for evals,” are you okay with only the wealthy being gun owners?


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