Reggie Lutz is one of those people whose feed you look forward to when scrolling absently through Facebook. Her updates are engaging and off the wall, and seemingly effortless in a social media world that I’ve learned requires a certain kind of savvy that doesn’t come naturally to everyone. She also writes beautifully – her […]

First, apologies to James Moore, an outspoken hater of lists. Second, because being 40 is weird, and because I still remember looking in the mirror at 17 and wondering about “adulthood,” I wanted to make a list of things learned. Not necessarily for my former self who will obviously never read this and therefore never […]

The tsunami of self-published authors in the last several years has created a huge marketplace for book cover designers. Many websites offer ready-made templates that are easily less expensive than it would be to hire an independent designer to create a unique cover. (And some cover templates, like those offered by Lulu and CreateSpace in […]

Originally published in the Journal Inquirer Tuesday, July 15, 2014 By Kristen J. Tsetsi It’s easy to feel like a third wheel when in the exam room with a cat and Dr. Letrisa Miller, identified on her website as a recognized authority on feline medicine and surgery and owner of Connecticut Feline Medicine and Surgery, […]

Carol Hoenig and her business partner Peggy Zieran have launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise $150,000 to open a Long Island, NY, book store called Turn of the Corkscrew, Books & Wine. They’re currently pretty short of their goal, but they address that in a recent update to the campaign page: You may notice how […]

Originally published in the Journal Inquirer Tuesday, June 10, 2014 By Kristen J. Tsetsi Dear person who threw that piece of trash out of your car window and onto the road, or onto the happy median bright with fresh summer flowers, or onto the sidewalk three feet from a trash can, I saw you. But […]

Originally published in the Journal Inquirer Monday, June 9, 2014 By Kristen J. Tsetsi There are certain freedoms granted to young males. Author Alex Myers remembers that as a child his brother was allowed to wear pants to church and could go outside to play afterward. Myers, born a biological female and given the name […]