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A friend told me I was being too “journalistic” when answering interview questions about
Pretty Much True… .

“You wrote a fictional story in which the characters and actions were different but the feelings and the fear were the same. Get PERSONAL.”

I never wanted to do that before, because I wanted to emphasize that the overall feeling of the experience, not my experience but the experience, was what was important. But she made me see that one experience, the story, wouldn’t exist without the other, the reality. Continue reading

Everything I know about superheroes (and whatever the Transformers are) came from movies. I’ve watched Spiderman, Superman, Batman, X-Men, and the Green Lantern, but I never read superhero comics as a kid. I was an Archie girl. Continue reading

Craig Lancaster’s short story collection, Quantum Physics and the Art of Departure, releases today. I invited Craig to contribute a guest post so you can learn a little bit about the book & then head over to order a copy. – Kris


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A few weeks ago, in “Kill the First Novel? Are You Insane?” I responded to Edan Lepucki’s decision to semi-permanently put away her first novel after it received a series of rejections. In her piece, Lepucki touches on self-publishing as a possibility and then quickly dismisses it as an option (for her).

This week, in “Do it Yourself: Self-Published Authors Take Matters Into Their Own Hands,” Lepucki examines the benefits and pitfalls of self-publishing and presents a few ideas that beg to be addressed.

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There’s an entire thread on Amazon’s discussion forum dedicated to the “high” cost of Kindle e-books. One commenter, J. Bryan, writes

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I had so much fun interviewing RJ Keller about The Wendy House (working title) before that I thought I’d do it again. (Admittedly, I might have been finding a passive-aggressive way to say, “Hurry up and finish so I can read it!”)

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…can be tricky to find out about because, well, they’re not getting that coverage. But there’s a blog site I discovered yesterday that can make finding something to read much, much easier. A number of books you may be interested in, and that are being favorably reviewed, appear inĀ  The New Book Review, blogged by […]