There’s an entire thread on Amazon’s discussion forum dedicated to the “high” cost of Kindle e-books. One commenter, J. Bryan, writes

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I was lightly accused, in a recent discussion on the Kindle Boards, of “railing against” ebooks when I posted the following message: There’s been a lot of talk lately about ebooks, the death of the print book, etc., and after reading yet another such article (on my computer, ironically) I immediately posted this facebook status: […]

Author Edward Patterson, whose books are available on Kindle, had the fantastic idea to provide free ebooks to deployed service members. So far, this many authors have signed up and are donating their books: Maria E Schneider Kristen Tsetsi L.K. Campbell Elmore Haimes E.J. Ruek Leslie Nicholl Jim Chambers Kelly Abbell Chuck Austen (Illustrator) Willam […]

Backword Books (of which I’m a member) has recently been discovered by Publishers Weekly. Exciting! Publishers Weekly, the most influential daily news journal of the publishing industry, featured Backword Books in a piece published September 3. (Interesting side note: a PW editor published an editorial – “I Don’t Want to Hate Self-Publishers” –  complaining about […]