Kristen Tsetsi is the author of two novels and a short story collection composed primarily of pieces  originally published in other places. She was privileged to edit the literary journal American Fiction  volumes 11 (New Rivers Press; judge: Clint McCown) and  12 (along with Bayard Godsave and Bruce Pratt; award-winning stories judged by Josip Novakovich).

Kris created, and under the name Chris Jane conducts, the 5 On interview series that appears at JaneFriedman.com. She also writes/has written under the name Sylvia D. Lucas on the topic of being childfree.

As herself, Kris has been a news and feature writer for a daily newspaper, an instructor of screen-, play-, and creative writing, a Women’s eNews correspondent, and an adjunct English professor. (And a grocery bagger, cab driver, telemarketing trainer, collection agent, etc.) She’s also the co-creator and co-writer of the YT series Inside the Writers’ Studio.

IMG_8059Kristen had a brief and passionate affair with (very bad) painting and enjoys taking pictures of the bugs in her yard. She is married to a beautiful human being and takes care of cats Hoser, Simon, and Sampson, and dog Lenny.

Contact: ktsetsi AT gmail DOT com