Pretty Much True (under the pen name Chris Jane; previously titled Homefront under the name Kristen J. Tsetsi)

The Year of Dan Palace (under the pen name Chris Jane)

Short Works

The stories marked with a red asterisk are included in the short fiction collection 20 Short Stories written under the pen name Chris Jane

“Owning is Second to Knowing” at NPR’s “This I Believe”

Print Journals

Red Weather Magazine
“Me and My Lover”
“The Fittest” (Film adaptation directed by Martin Jonason and screened at the 2002 Fargo Film Festival)

Red Weather Magazine
“The Girl Next Door”

Red Weather Magazine
“This Is How I Tell You”

They Do Exist!: Anthology of Award-Winning Short Stories
“But for Gloria”

RE:AL, Summer/Fall Issue (also a Kindle Short)
*“To My Daughter”

Storyglossia Fiction Prize
*“They Three at Once Were One” (Fiction Prize winner)

“Married to Somebody”

Online Journals

The Midtown Literary Review
“In the Wheatfield”

Expository Magazine
“The Nature of Things”

Opium Magazine
*“Burn Everything but the Heart” (Voodoo flash fiction competition winner)

Denver Syntax
(also a Kindle Short)
*“The Departure”

*Miss Neurosis

It’s not like we live in a novel with Fabio glistening on the cover. It’s not like he happened to crash-land on some farmstead owned by an old farmer and his beautiful, single, young daughter with long, blond hair and trim thighs and a lilting laugh that delights Dan to his core, the way the romance novels say it happens. It’s not like she has heaving breasts.

“They Three at Once Were One”

*“Serial Behavior”

Right Hand Pointing
*“Seasonal Tourists”

Edifice Wrecked
*“Becoming an Oates Girl”

He left, he later sighed, because she was too perfect. (She didn’t argue the impossibility of being too perfect.) He flipped her hair, said, “Thick and bouncy!” He spat in her eyes. “They sparkle, for Christs sake!” But also, she was too optimistic, too chipper about goddamn everything.

Story Garden 7
*“Carol’s Aquarium”
“Mexican Blanket”
“Fate, or What Have You”

Denver Syntax
*“Visiting Hour”

She tucks her hair behind her ears and looks around. There are seven tables in all, half of them being used. I only know Kevin. The rest I don’t talk to and they don’t talk to me. “You scared, in here?”

“No way. This is fascinating. I’ve never been to a prison before.” She leans across the table. “Is it like it is in the movies?” Her eyes are all big. She wants me to say yes.

Edifice Wrecked
*“Eating Eternity”

“For Rent”

*“An Agate in Cool River”

Six Sentences
“Killing People Is an Art,” He Said
“Trial Separation”
“The Start of Resentment”

Six Sentences
“Things You Do for Love”
“Criminals Today”


Huffington Post Celebrity
Corey Haim’s Death and the Loss of Innocence

The Fargo Forum
“Other Views: Human Body Should Not be Unmentionable”

High Plains Reader
“On the Road: Cassleton”
“On the Road: Downer”
“On the Road: Comstock”
“On the Road: Wolverton”

Writers Weekly
“Success is Relative”

Women’s eNews
“She Almost Lost Her Way on Weight Loss”
“Married Without Children Is the Life for Her

Overdue Karma
“Tide Is In”

Women’s eNews
“Innocent ‘Kissing’ Book Offers Date Rape Tutorial”

Journal Inquirer
“They’re Not Kidding: Childless and Loving Every Minute of It”
“Clearing the Air: a first-time visit to the Church of Scientology”
“Dehumanizing women in advertising”
“Write On: The ups and downs of self-publishing”
“Lifetime’s Desperation Could Kill Its Cash Cow, ‘Army Wives'”
(op-ed) “The Rape Trail: America doesn’t get it,” by Kristen J. Tsetsi, Stacey A. Silliman, and Laura F. Alix
“Breast Implants: A Complex Decision”


Theatre of the Invisible Guest
“Girl on a Swing,” One-Act
“Gun in the Corner,” One-Act

Short Film, Fargo Film Festival
“The Fittest,” Adaptation
Martin Jonason, Director