Childfree Writing

When I began writing the nonfiction humor book No Children, No Guilt to help young women combat the judgment and pressure they might receive for not wanting to be mothers, it was under my own name, and the title was How to (Not) Have Children.

I realized after some time that trying to market non-fiction and fiction at the same time — and trying to write blog posts about creative writing and then blog posts about my personal life & opinions on the subject of women not wanting children — was too confusing. I needed to compartmentalize, and it also made sense at the time to “brand.”

I started writing childfree* material under the name Sylvia D. Lucas at the website Under that name I published a revised and edited version of How to (Not) Have Children — a fairly short, little book — as No Children, No Guilt.

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NBC Connecticut interviews me about not wanting children:

*”Childfree” as a term is preferable to “childless” for those who don’t want children. It communicates that the lack of children is a choice rather than the unfortunate circumstance often experienced by those who want children but, for one reason or another, can’t or don’t have them.