As I get closer to an agent hunt with a new book, I’m also once again considering the self-publishing option if the response from agents is one that suggests, as it did with my last project, that it’s reader-ready (“Love it, but hard to market” versus “This is terrible. Please burn it.”). If I self-publish, […]

The Facebook page “Sentence Me” recently shared the following quote from the 2001 article “Sentenced to Death” by Salon book critic Laura Miller: “Just as nuclear physicists strive to impress other nuclear physicists and dog breeders value the admiration of fellow dog breeders over that of the uninitiated masses, so people who write serious fiction […]

In the spirit of yesterday’s thanks, today will be Lemonade Stand Award day. I don’t know that the people listed here will post the awards on their blogs, and whether they do doesn’t matter. (Many of the blogs I read are written by men, and the award is a little girly-looking. And, also, sometimes people […]